DRIES TALKS – Tom Eerebout

DRIES TALKS – Tom Eerebout

DRIES TALKS – Tom Eerebout

How would you describe ‘FREEDOM’ and what does it mean to you?
For me freedom is being able to do what I love and have the power of letting go of things. Not everything always goes the way you plan and adapting to that change and not let it stop you is freedom to me. It’s power.

What does freedom mean to you when it comes to art?
The power to explore, create and grow in a constant flow, doing it for yourself and not for what other people want you to do.

I’m hoping that you can take us back to those early days of finding your footing as a stylist and homing in on what it means to create a persona or a vibe for your clients. How did you figure that out in the beginning? And has that changed over time?
I have gotten more comfortable/confident with it, I used to doubt myself and my vision a lot when I was younger, now I have more of a foot in it. I know what I can offer and to trust my instincts. Every client is different, its important to know and feel that person and not lose their own personality. In what I do, I think its important to make that person shine and feel more confident.

Do you need to be fearless to be fashionable?
No, I don’t really know what fashionable is to be honest. I think that is not a question of being fearless, it is however having the confidence to be yourself.

What does rebellion mean to you as an artist? And would you describe yourself as a rebel?
I think its good to break the rules sometimes and not stick to the same thing. I hope I am a bit of a rebel, never was a person that liked to follow “rules”.

Together with Sandra Amador, you’ve done so much incredible work for and with Lady Gaga. Could you tell us why that partnership works so well? And how your relationship has evolved over the years?
Sandra and I clicked from the first moment, for years we only spoke via email as she was in LA and I was in London. When we finally met in person it felt like we had known each other all our life. There just was this thing, a feeling of familiarity. I think we knew each other in a past life to be honest. We are actually very different and I think that is the magic in our work and relationship. We push each other, support each other and teach each other new things all the time. We spend more time together then we are at home and it’s great to get to do something you love with someone you love, trust and takes care of you.

What is beauty to you? How would you describe it?
Love and kindness, I think that is the most beautiful thing.

Who encouraged you to be brave? Somebody that inspired you throughout your career?
My mom, she always told me to be who I am and not change myself for anyone. She inspired me to keep going whenever it was hard and to follow the road I wanted to follow.

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