In his creations, Dries Criel redefines classic shapes into contemporary yet timeless pieces, characterised by bold and sensual lines that can be both masculine and feminine.

Using only fully traceable materials and presenting handmade pieces, the young designer takes craftsmanship and aesthetic value to the next level thanks to his collaboration with a handful of carefully chosen talented craftsmen in Belgium and Italy.

To elaborate his designs, he combines various old and new techniques to create a completely personal and idiosyncratic oeuvre, executed in gold, precious stones and original materials such as hand-painted enamel.

The inspiration for his work, which now includes earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and pins, comes to him and stems from his interest in classical and contemporary dance, as well as various art forms in general. His fascination with ancient Egypt and its archetypal symbols runs like a thread through most of his creations that cannot be captured in seasonal collections.

Offered only through a select number of partners at home and abroad, Dries Criel’s jewellery embodies his obsession with freedom as a fundamental value; the freedom to be or become who you are, as part of pure beauty and personal power for each wearer.

‘L’Arroseur Arrosé’. Meet Dries Criel in nine pressing questions.

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