DRIES TALKS – Elizabeth Sulcer

DRIES TALKS – Elizabeth Sulcer

DRIES TALKS – Elizabeth Sulcer

What does freedom mean to you?
The ability to be able to express oneself creatively and remain true to ones authentic self.

What drew you to the field of fashion and celebrity styling? Why did you choose this career path?
I have always loved high fashion and hollywood glamour since I was a small child. Fashion illuminated my desire to work in a creative industry, visual expression is inherent to who I am.

How do you ensure that your clients’ personal style and preferences are reflected in the ouvits you select for them?
Whenever I work with my clients, who are often friends, it’s always a collaborative process. We work very closely together to achieve an overall look that aligns with what we want to say.

Can you share any memorable moments or achievements from your career?
There are so many moments i’m grateful for. A more recent achievement has been creating and styling custom looks for Gigi Hadid and Tan France on Netflix’s next in fashion.

How do you navigate the challenges of working in the fast-paced, ever-challenging fashion industry?
This industry is always changing. You have to constantly be working and evolving; your talent, vision, expression, professionalism, respect, and perspective. Every day is about being better than your last day.

Can you describe your process for creating a cohesive and impactful look for a red carpet event? What factors do you consider when selecting an outfit, accessories, and hair/makeup?
My favorite aspect of styling red carpet is creating custom looks. Since my days at Alexander McQueen, I have always loved design. The most rewarding part of creating a custom look is collaborating with incredibly talented designers. When putting the look together, there are always many things to consider; season, client, type of event or carpet, as well as current moods and trends.

What does beauty mean for you?
Beauty is such a personal concept, it truly lies in the eyes of the beholder. I see beauty in everything, I think that is one of the secrets to life, trying to see beauty in all things.

Where do you get you inspiration from?
Art, film, fashion, architecture, culture and travel.

Imagine you could create a look for a person in the past. Who would you pick? And what would he/she wear?
I would have loved to style David Bowie in his early Ziggy Stardust, glamour days. When he was not only creating trends, but breaking them. I would have loved to create something for an album cover – sequins, bat wings, the works.

Which pieces are essential to you in your wardrobe? And what do you wear if you don’t know what to wear?
Essentials are: chic suiting, a variety of well fitting jeans, and structured white t shirts, always pairing these items with beautiful, statement fine jewelry. I have a few “uniforms” or go -to looks in my closet, everyone should have these.

Do you attach a lot of importance to jewellery? For yourself and the persons you dress? And which jewels do you wear?
Yes. I love jewelry – it is such a beautiful and powerful accessory, it can complete the final look. Whether its a special event, red carpet, or a photoshoot. I love wearing white diamonds + yellow gold. I always wear a lot of layered rings and bracelets.

Instagram: @elizabethsulcer

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