Dries Criel reimagines classic forms that harmonize the sensuality of masculine and feminine energies. From studying modern and classical dance, he draws inspiration from the body’s angular grace and fluid motion, infusing this poetics of form into his timeless creations. To Dries, craftsmanship is a sacred act that bridges the traditional with contemporary visions and ancient worlds. Working with master artisans in Belgium and Italy, Dries transforms fully traceable materials into gold, precious stones, and hand-painted enamel, each piece a testament to ancient and modern techniques.

The sun, a symbol reborn in his brand’s story, captures the essence of his work. Sunlight, mirrored in his signature yellow gold, shines with creative brilliance. The heat of craftsmanship forges each piece with passion and precision. Nature’s touch is felt in every natural material, and the power within resonates with his bold, character-rich clients. Dries Criel’s jewelry, found through select partners worldwide, transcends the ordinary. It speaks of freedom, beauty, and the personal power to become who you truly are, each piece a radiant echo of timeless elegance.

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