DRIES talks – Inge Onsea

DRIES talks – Inge Onsea

DRIES TALKS – Inge Onsea

How would you describe ‘FREEDOM’ and what does it mean to you?
Freedom for me means to do what you want, to make your own rules but still respecting others. But most of all, freedom is the right to be yourself.

Do you think today’s fashion says anything about our daily lives and/or the world we live in?
I think today we can express ourselves by dressing. There are no boundaries anymore, but most of all it makes our life colourful.

How does getting dressed feel for you?
Dressing up makes me feel happier, makes me feel confident and walk taller. Just put on those heels and nice dress, put lipstick on and own it.

Do you need to be fearless to be fashionable?
Do I need to choose? I want to be fearless and fashionable!

Iris Apfel said that where style is concerned, you have to know who you are first, and then proceed from there, would you agree?
Not sure about that, I think you are born with style. I really think it is not something you can learn. I think you know your body more when you age and you become more confident with time.

How would you describe the ethos of Essentiel Antwerp, and how does it empower you?
One of our missions is to butterfly people. We do not take fashion seriously and we want people to play with fashion. Just sparkle in life. I think this are values I take very personally as well.

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